Planning of the Park

The Park has been created with models of a few well functioning Parks from several different parts from Africa in mind. In addition the best and newest technologies and management strategies have been added into the planning.

Our research has proven that the division in several differently sized zones, which are meant to serve the nature protection and research, works best. Especially if all zones are controlled by a central management. It was scientifically proven, that the so-called "Zoning" is capable of aiding the establishment of Nature protection of flora and fauna in a biozone together with a zone for scientific research. The "Zoning" technology enables a perfect equilibrium between the protection of nature and its utilisation. However, it only works with the availability of a big enough area, like in the present project.


The park has been divided in the following zones:

Zone 1: Biozone

The biozone solely serves the restoration of nature. In order for the different kinds of animals and plants from West-Africa to be able to evolve in a big enough habitat, this zone requires a particularly large area.

With the collaboration of several different organisations, specialized in the salvation and preservation of nature on the entire planet, we are primarily fighting here for a green Africa.

We give nature lovers from all over the world the possibility to spend their holiday in one of the dedicated stations in the Biozone. In order to minimize the possible affect on nature caused by the tourism we comply with the rules of Ecotourisme as a guiding principle for the visit (see Ecotourism).

The Biozone also meets the criteria of the UNESCO Program "Man and Biosphere" (MAB).

Zone 2: Research zone

The international research centre, which is being created in cooperation with Universities from around the world, is designated to boost the research in the field of nature and medicine in West-Africa.

Our project facilitates active and passive research in a landscape that has not been touched by civilisation yet. Particularly the research in the area of coexistence of several different species aims to make the nature, which is threatened by the desert, more resistant. (see Research)

Zone 3: Zoological Zone

The zoological garden allows animals from the film industry, circuses as well as from private households and smaller zoos to enjoy their well deserved retirement.

The central administration is also located in this zone.