The "Parc du Ferlo-Sud" is a great example for animal protection and nature research in Senegal and throughout Africa.


With the help of our park, the animals and plants from Senegal and West Africa are given their natural habitat back. In addition the introduction of carefully selected plants helps to stop the advancing desert and allows the nature to recover to its original form.

The innovative form of cooperation between research, conservation and ecotourism on the terrain of the park is not only serving the nature. Concurrently it creates numerous new jobs for the resident population and significantly raises the education and the standard of living of the habitants in this structurally weak area in the long term.

An inspection of the park area has positively confirmed the planned integration of the existing villages and their habitants, who are living in close touch with the nature. Furthermore, the locals contribute with their knowledge of the area and nature to a quick and trouble-free development of the project.