WAPPES primarily stands for the restoration of nature. In Ferlo-Sud, this is only possible through selective research due to the huge damage, which has originated over the years.


At the moment we are about to construct the biggest research centre in West-Africa in the park. Here we aim to give Universities and private institutions, which are participating in our programme, the possibility to conduct active and passive research in different zones in the field of nature and medicine.

For that reason we have divided the research zone into two separated zones:

  • Observation and research: an untouched zone in which nature can be observed without a big intervention.
  • Aimed manipulation and research: The selected examination of different species targets to bring new insight into the area of natural medicine and biology.

Another speciality of the park are its two climatic zones:

In the north the climate is dominated by the Sahelian zone and in the south by the subtropical zone. For scientists from various fields, this creates extraordinary possibilities in the parallel study of animals and plants.